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I hear good things about B-5 for oily skin,Which I have! Is B-5 the same as buying Pantothenic Acid? Not even my GNC has B-5,despite have b-6 b-12 and few other's.200 mg is a good number, But I have found 500 mg of Pantothenic Acid.Can someone help me on this? Thanks.

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I took a look around today at the B5 I do have in my cupboard... most of them were only like 10-20mg. a complete B complex I have, had 50mg per vitamin. How are you supposed to actually get 10g per day? do they sell a B5 thats higher mg than the regular complex?


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You can buy B-5 from 200mg pills up to 1000mg.

I bought a 300 count bottle of 500mg B-5 from the Vitamin Shoppe.

Its labled at Pantothenic Acid, which is the chemical name for B-5.

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GNC has it. They have in 250mg and 500mg. That's what I've been taking.

The problem is that I have to take 18 caps a day, and a whole bottle goes in a week. I need to find a cheaper place to order my b5.

Any ideas?


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