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Im taking the genaric form of retin-a and a antibiotic, i want to know what to expect and what to look out for, also what to avoid.

I also would like it if some one that has the GEL would tell me how to best put it on my face, it absorbs in to quick, and it seems like its uneven


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start off using it only every other night and use only a small amount. i made the mistake of using a large amount every day, even though my derm told me not to, and my face got extremely red and flakey. you can start using it every day once your skin gets used to it. Also don't expect immediate results. it took me three months to see results but it did work well.

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Expect flaking. Mine has been especially bad around my mouth and on my temples. It's starting to get bad on my cheeks and forehead. For the first week or so, I had some extreme irritation under my jawline, which was strange since I didn't remember putting anything there. I carry a little bottle of Cetaphil moisturizer with me everywhere and use a soft facial brush when I wash my face to loosen any flakes. I'm finding that on the days where I drink a lot of water, my flaking tends to be a little less intense. Also, usually your skin will get red before it flakes, so I pretty much know in advance if a certain area is going to start flaking, which is nice (I guess).

So far only one person has said anything directly related to the flakiness and I think she thought she was being helpful (like I wasn't aware that my skin is falling off my face??). One person thought I had a crumb on my nose, but even at its worst, no one has really bothered me about it. My roommates swear they can't tell, but I think they're just being nice :)

Try not to wear dark clothing. I wear a lot of dark tops and am constantly brushing flakes off my shirt, since it looks dandruffy.

Also, the pinned topics on this forum were really helpful when I was just starting. It made me feel a lot better about the flaking.

I've heard you can expect an IB, but I've been okay so far (three weeks). My face is also pretty tight after washing, but I'm also using Duac, so that may not be relevant to you. I think my skin looks smoother, and the number of active blemishes has been greatly reduced.

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