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Yet another life story and accutane post

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Hi, I’m new here. I have been browsing the forums for a few months though but never really had a reason to post anything. Anyway, I just decided that it was time to see a derm because my acne was getting the best of me and i was sick of it.

I have had acne for 3 years, and have enjoyed every minute of it :^o ok not really, but it had never been really bad till this school year. I just started getting massive breakouts around the beginning of this school year that I can only contribute (right word?) to stress from my senior year.

At the end of august (around the time the breakouts started) I decided to try Dans regimen but it failed miserably so I decided to get a refill on my minocyclin to see if that would work. It worked, but only to a point. I also started to use my retin-A again because it kind of helped in the past, same story it only helped to a point. Then finally two months after all this crap started hitting the fan I noticed that my face was horrible. I had red dots everywhere and large red blotches on the left side of my face with a few on my right.

That brings us to a little over a week ago. I finally made the appointment with a dermatologist and went in there. Right away he said accutane, I was a little scared because of all the horror stories I heard about it so I said I would think about it then. Then that weekend (this last one) I was looking at some pictures of me from sophomore and Junior year and I just said screw it, it’s gone too far. I called him Monday and made another appointment to come in and sign papers. That was today, I went in signed my life away wink.gif and got the scrip.

The only thing I was worried about was the price. Well I dropped off the prescription paper and came back to pay for it, and lucky me it was only….. Get ready for this….. $8. Yes that’s not a typo, $8 for a months worth.

So I got into the car and popped one and so far no horrible allergic reactions. But that’s only one 40mg one so we’ll see.

All in all things are looking up so maybe there’s hope.


Excuse the length I got a little carried away wink.gif

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we got the same story haha

i got acne freshman yr and i never really worried about it it wasnt bad and it obviously wasnt doing anything to my social situation. sophomore year it got even worse and i really never noticed it since it wasnt hurting me emotionally. i was on retin-a, azalex, and doxycycline. they worked to a point but nothing really got better it just didnt get worse than whole year. by the end of sophomore yr my mom was pressuring me to go on accutane to really get it cleared. so i was like "why?" and i go upstairs and look in the mirror and really examine myself. i was really in denial that i had acne bad enough for accutane... i really only noticed red dots and red blotches. i couldnt believe that i never noticed my face. it was covered in cysts and pimples. i never ever rubbed my face, but right there i rubbed my face and felt how bad it was with the acne. so i get accutane.

almost 5 months later, i examined myself one night and rubbed down my face and it is perfectly clear with some red marks andn othing else. when i rubbed it it was perfectly smooth. the fact that i was never emotionally brought down by acne made my journey a lot less hard, but i still am so happy that i went on this drug. my friend has a picture in his locker of all of us at the last day of sophomore yr and i looked at my face and saw how horrible my condition really was. and then a friend at another locker has a picture of me she took about a week ago and i look perfectly clear, i barely look like the same person.

i still got a month and a half left on it, and i'm 100% happy with what's gone on. the only thing i dont like is the thinning of my hair.

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