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How to stay clear while camping

Hey everybody,

I may be going camping this weekend, and need a way to keep my face clean. There are no bathrooms/sinks, its in the middle of the woods :doh: any ideas on how to keep my face clean, clear from breakouts? i have minor breakouts now, but want to keep them under control when i go away. Also, remember that i won't have running water to use. Just cold bottled water. Maybe theres some kind of wipe you've used thats helpful? I live in NH so i don't want to use anything that may dry me out..

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Well don't panic as it's only a week. Buy some simple cleansing wipes with nothing added etc. just to keep your face clean. Follow your regimen as normal. You can buy antibacterial hygiene HAND gel that squirts out of a little bottle, it's great if you can't get to soap and water.

Can't think of anything else mate. Lee.

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I use Olay's Daily Facials cleansing clothes. It removes my makeup and doesnt make me break out. You can also use it on your body to freshen up. And like what WelshLad said, just follow your regimen as normal, and bring hand sanitizer. Also don't forget to bring sunscreen and drink alot of water! hope i've helped.

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