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Hello everyone. First I don't really ever post on this site, but I come on it all the time and feel everyones pain. It has been such a helpful site. All my friends have perfect skin so they haven't got a clue so I can't talk to them about it. They wouldn't understand. I have mild to moderate acne and severly oily skin. I have had it since I was 13 and I am now 27. Well I have been on every medication there is and the only thing that has kept it under control is birth control, but when I stopped the acne came back worst! I have to say I feel for those who are getting doctors that won't prescribe them accutane. I feel so fortunate I found a doctor who has the belief that no adult should have to have acne whether it be severe, mild or moderate and as an adult you should have the right to decide to take accutane. She says she gets alot of flack from other doctors in the office. She is known as the liberal doctor who gives accutane to almost anyone. Which she doesn't. She evens says the nurses are the worst they give her a hard time!!! And she hates the ipledge program!! In fact today when she went to put in my info for my prescription wouldn'!t ya know the website was down! So she had to call and it took forever! She kept apologizing, but I know its not her fault. The first thing she told me was that she was sorry I had to wait so long to get accutane. And she is about to retire within the year. So I feel soooo lucky! I really hope this works for me. I know its not a cure, but I am hoping that it just improves my skin. I hate being a slave to makeup And it bothers me when people say why do some girls ware so much makeup. Believe me if I had good skin I wouldn't! So this is my log. I took my first pill today. I am on a low dose 40mg once a day. Any advice, tips or suggestions are welcomed.

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