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Some questions

I have been put on Roaccatane and wasn't sure about some stuff which i forgot to ask so maybe people here could answer.

Im currently taking them like this as prescribed,

2 weeks of 2 x 20mg a day

2 weeks of 3 x 20mg a day

2 weeks or 4 x 20mg a day

So i am starting on 40mg and moving up to 80mg a day.

Is it ok to take 2 at a time? like 2 in the morning 2 in the evening?

I was told to take with food so i am trying to eat some food in the morning (i dont usually) and it's mentioned taking with milk is good..

I have taken 3 so far and noticed no difference at all, When would i start to feel anything (I did wake up for the first time ever without any white heads!!)

I was untill the day i got the prescription taking tetracycline my doctor said to stop that straight away but wasn't too worried.. The leaflet mentioned not to take both at all.

I haven't taken any since but i still have it in my system i assume.. is that a problem?

Thank you

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I was told to take my full dose (i.e. 3x20) in one go with food. One of the leaflets said divided doses, but I checked with the derm and he said taking it all at once is the only way he's ever told people to use it...

I was on tetracycline up to the day before I started, so it's probably not an issue since the dermatologist was well aware of the fact.

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I'm on 60 mg and I take 40 mg in the morning and 20 mg in the evening. I guess it just depends on what your derm wants you to do.

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