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From depression to clear skin

I wont bore you with the details. I'm like every second story you hear and tried everything, did everything etc.

I'm also a really bad acne sufferer, in that I always touch my face, pop pimples, sleep in make-up after a big night etc.

So my dermatologist put me on Accutane. I looked at the pros and the cons, and I decided for me - it wasn't worth it. My advice to ANYONE thinking of trying a new regime is to NEVER ASSUME IT WILL WORK FOR YOU IF IT WORKED FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Similarly, never assume it WONT work because it didn't work for someone else.

I think advice is a great thing - but every single person is different.

Accutane aggravated my skin and made me very depressed. I was probably depressed, not because of the drug itself, but because of how severely bad my skin became.

So I went off accutane. This period of my life was one of the hardest I have ever had to go through. I was working six days a week, and my best friend just left for an eight-month trip overseas. I felt utterly alone.

Some nights I would go for a run and not come home for hours. I would sit on the curb of a street I didn’t know the name of and cry into my jumper.

My dermatologist waited until the chemicals in my brain had settled down before he prescribed another medication – called Tetracycline. It was sometime during this time that things began to look up.

This is my miracle drug, and the reason I now smile when I see a photo of myself.

My skin will never be perfect – I have been left with the red marks that acne causes and scarring across my back. But to me – my skin is more amazing that it could ever be. Today I have only one tiny spot on my chin, and my marks are fading everyday.

Tetracycline has given me a renewed hope and every day I see an improvement in my skin. Everyday someone else will tell me how good it is looking – and everyday I wake up, look in the mirror and for the first time in many years, I smile.

I smile knowing that from here – things can only get better.

As well as Tetracycline - I'm also taking Diane (the pill) which has helped enormously.

I can't stress enough that what works for one person might not work for you. I read so many posts at length saying how bad Doryx was for their skin, and how it never worked.

For me, the results have been amazing. I even wear backless tops now.

There is no cure - but we sure as hell can try to control it.

Just remember to try your own thing and, while advice can be golden, try whatever works best for you - and always stick at it. Never just give up after a few weeks.

Make up your own mind about the products you use and give yourself a reason to smile every single day. I wish you all the best of luck with your own regimes.

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Antibiotics worked great for me. I took Doxycycline. I know how it feels to go from hiding out in your room to wanting to actually talk to people.

Be very careful in the sun. I speak from experience. I took Doxy for 3 years. I always felt sunburned. I would have stayed on it indefinitely but I couldn't tolerate the sun sensitivity. Hopefully you won't have it like I did. Just use lots of sunscreen.

Enjoy your new clear skin,


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