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My friend said use Tea Tree Oil

26/m here. I have a friend who never seems to break out. Ever. The other night, I asked him what he used to wash his face. This took some courage, because guys really don't like to disscuss these things over beers. But, since I was a little intoxicated I just blurted out "How the f*ck do you keep your skin so clear?" Haha.

He told me that his skin looks good now, but in all honesty, he has extremely sensitive skin and if he doesn't use Tea Tree oil he will break out. He swears by Tea Tree oil. He said that's the only thing he uses.

He said put it on, let it sit on your skin for about 15 minutes, and then wash it off. That's it.

I haven't tried it yet. I don't really have "acne". A bout of accutane I took like 8 years ago cleared most of that up. My skin is just extremely dry, red, and irritated all the time. Especially after a hot shower, moving from the cold to a heated room, and at work where I sweat nonstop. He still told me use Tea Tree Oil because it works miracles on the skin.

So, anyone had any luck with it? And where can I buy it online? What's the best brand to use?

Thanks in advance.


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TTO is a natural antibacterial agent. I think it also has anti viral, anti fungal and other properties which I currently forget. There is a study that suggests that TTO can be as effective as 5% BP without the same levels of irritation.

If you don't suffer from, what I call real, acne (i.e. just the odd spot here and there), it may be the thing for you. I don't think it is effective enough to treat anything other than mild acne. BTW - it wont cure acne as it doesn't get to the root causes of why the acne forms in the first place. But it should kill the bacteria, p.acnes, which is one step in the formation of a zit.

I would not use TTO neat if you plan to use it over large areas as it is pretty strong. It should be diluted (from memory, but don't quote me, it should be used at around a 20% dilution), if you plan to use it over large areas. Perhaps you could add a drop or two to your moisturiser.

Personally, I like using aloe vera gel with a few drops of jojoba oil. I am on Accutane at the moment, so I use 4 drops of Jojoba oil, but if my skin were not so dry I would probably only use 2 drops or so. There is no reason why you couldn't add a drop of TTO to this too. Be warnd, it has quite a strong smell. I used it at work once and someone can into my office a couple a minutes later and asked me what that smell was!! :redface:

I hear that Australian Bodycare TTO products are very good and I know they do pure TTO. You can get this from QVC in the UK (and the bonus here is, if you decide you don't like it after using it you can send it back within 30 days for a refund, less S&H). I have also seen their products in Boots on occassion.

Good luck!

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