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Spiro & Accutane?

Hey guys, I posted this in the perscriptions thread but didn't get any answers.

Does anyone know if you can take Spironolactone & Accutane together at the same time? The reason I'm asking is because when I took Accutane a few months ago, although Accutane was working for me, I'd still be getting the monthly 'hormonal' zits. The hormonal zits would be the cystic kind too. Now, few months later after tane, my skin has resorted back to what it looked like pre-tane and I'm currently on Spiro to control the monthly hormonal cystic acne. The Spiro is helping just a tad b/c of its anti-androgenic abilities .... it helps with the deep zits but not the surfaced whiteheads. I'm going back on Accutane soon to clear up all the whiteheads and whatnot that Spiro couldn't control. I'll also like to state that I don't want to be on BCP cuz that's what caused havoc in my skin after Accutane :confused:

So restating back to my original question, can I take Spironolactone & Accutane at the same time? I figure that since it's okay to take Accutane & Yasmin at the same time since Yasmin contain 25mg Spiro. I didn't do well on Yasmin though. :ninja: I need some answers guys!!!

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Hey, my derm told me that he prescribes both sometimes...just tell your derm that exactly...that is the instance where my derm says that he does it.

PS...could you please look at my log and my pics and tell me what you think is going on????

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