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has anyone noticed after they took accutane that they had more scars than before they took it? i dont mean red marks, i mean ice pick or rolling scars. i want to take accutane but i heard the initial breakout can be so severe that it leaves bad scars. also, i have never broken out on my neck, chest or back. will taking accutane cause me to break out in these places as the oil in my skin is coming to the surface? thanks.

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Wish I could give you a positive response but my experance just wasn't so. I took accutane as my doctor prescribed and my face, neck, chest, and back exploded with new acne that has left me scared for life, and has yet to solve the problem! Just wanted you to know what could happen from someone who's been through it. GOOD LUCK!

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My experience with Accutane:

First, im pretty new to all the terminology ](*,) so im not exactly sure what Rolling Scars are, so if you can fill me in on that one. (im doing my research, slowly but surely)

Second, I was on Accutane twice. The first time I got on it, my cystic acne was so severe, that if I broke out initially I didn't notice it. I was lucky to find a Dr. that helped me out.

* I didn't have insurance at the time and couldn't afford the obscene price, so he would give me "samples" of accutane which were basically a 30 day supply per sample. *

My acne cleared up nicely after the first round of Accutane, but I had a high amount of scaring. Most of the scares were present before starting accutane.

The second time I took accutane, I was partially broken out. I did notice a minor breakout after starting round 2, but nothing too severe.

I know this is kinda vague, but just a little info on how it went for me.


(btw, please forgive my grammatical errors)

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I wouldn't say that it improved my scars. The cysts just gradually went away, preventing newer scars. I had broken out in every possible spot prior to starting accutane, so I really couldn't say if I had broken out somewhere I normally hadn't.

Id ask your derm if you can start treating your face with BP or SA to prevent a breakout. See what he has to say, cause once Accutane kicks in fully, you feel like a sun dried cracker.


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I took Accutane for 4 months and I only slightly broke out when first taking it.

The important thing to remember when using it is to follow what and what not to do.

A gentle facial wash is essential followed by a very good moisturiser.

I would recommed Vaseline Derma Care as the cream as it will help great to fight the dryness.

Most people that get severe scaring from Accutane are the people that dont do whats right.

1)Dont take the medication when they are meant to.

2)Take the dosage at different times each day.


4)Go out in the sun without total sunblock.

5)Drink alcohol whilst on them.

All those factors can lead to serious scaring if the face becomes too dry and it will be like a second degree burn.

I took it for 4 months,followed the right guidelines and I was fine.

Alot of people neglect things ,hence the bad experiences.

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i have been taking accutane to the book and have found that scarring does seem more prominent, however as it eventually will hopefully stop the spots then this will stop any new scars developing

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