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I am confused about laser treamet

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I just went to see a PS today and he said that excision is only good for Caucasians and risky for Asian people cuz it might cause new scars. And he still recommended CO2 resurfacing, claiming it is the best option for me. He does not do laser and I think there is no reason why he recommended laser for making money.

But seeing many nagative posts here, I am scared to try. I am totally confused and don't know what to choose.

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Philippes,if your scars r deep then co2 is no good as i had co2 done for my deep acne scars 2 years ago and it only improved them about 10%.

I have found out that it is only good for very shallow scars and it is alot of money for little improvement,don't waste your money.

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CO2 laser treatment simply blasts your skin to try to make it all the same level. If you have deeper scars then you wont get the result you want. If i were you i would look into a treatment that either stimulates collegen growth like smoothbeam or nlite; else, an injectable filler to plump the skin out.

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philippes: If I were in your position I would see several PS and Derms and get each of their opinions. If your scarring is deep then it's possible that you would need 2 rounds of CO2. I would make sure to research thoroughly on the pros and cons of CO2 laser before doing it. If you decide after doing lots of research that CO2 is for you, then you should not be scared. Just be sure you know what you are getting into.

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Thanks for the kind warning.

I have never seen any positive posts about Co2 here. I just don't understand why the doctor will recommend it to me while he himself does not perform it at all. He even said that many Asian people got really results after Co2. Arrghhh! I guess I'd better believe people here.

My scars are mostly ice-picked. There are like 10-15 deep ones, the rest are not. The whole face looks horrible.

I don't mind spend money, but I really don't know what to do now. How come most of the effective procedures can't be performed on Asians?

I will appreciate any suggestions!.

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

Correction...not just Asians....lots of the procedures are not suitable for NON-caucasians (people with darker complexions)

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You can go to yahoo.com or google.com and do a search on something like: "co2 laser acne scar" and you'll find lots of links with information. Here are a few that might be useful to you:





This is only a starting point. You'll want to see before and after pictures as well.

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I was just wondering if Co2 is really that bad for everyone. How can it be still in the market. I will definitely consult more doctors before making a decision.

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