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I just recently visited a skin therapy clinic seeking some treatment for some mild acne scarring and aftermarks. The lady suggested a new treatment at their clinic called Green Peel. I did some research and found that its great for acne blemishes and scarring. Its an all natural herbal peel with no chemicals involved. This is how it works:

Day 1: Beauty therapist applies and massages the green peel herbs into your skin and supplies you with home care products. Soon after herbs applied, skin looks red and flushed.


Day 3: Skin begins to peel slightly.

Day 4: Peeling stage is in full action.

Day 5: You return to your beauty therapist after the peeling has subsided for your final vitamin mask.

Basically, while your skin is in the peeling process, you cannot wash your face. All you do is use the special products that you take home.

There is a mini green peel as well that actually doesnt really peel your face. 1/4 amount of herbs are used than original green pel. My skin therapist said the mini green peel is like having 5 microdermabrasion treatments. The full on green peel costs around $600 in Australia(AUD), around $300-400 in US(USD).

I booked myself in for a mini green peel for tomorrow which will cost me $139 (AUD). My skin therapist advised the mini peel because I don't have severe scarring. She said if more improvement is needed after this 1st treatment, another mini peel or microdermabrasion treatments will follow several weeks later.

Lets see how I go tomorrow. Ill keep you guys posted.

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I had my mini green peel and facial yesterday. To be honest, I did see results. Some of the slight scarring smoothed out but not all the redness has gone. My therapist said that it would take a while for the redness to subside after the treatment. This is how it went.

She first began my steaming cleansing my face and then steaming it. Then the green peel herbs were applied and massaged on the skin. I could feel the herbs exfoliating my skin. I could slightly smell the stuff, it smelt like seaweed a little. After a short while of exfoliating my skin with the herbs she removed the herbs and gently steamed my face again. Now it was extraction time..

My therapist extracted endless amounts of blackheads and whiteheads with her non abrasive equipment. She used tiny needles to prick whiteheads and milia. The extraction process was at times painful.

After this she cleansed my face and then applied a mask of two layers. I remained with the mask until it dried and then it was peeled of. My face was very flushed afterwards and also red. Now the redness has subsided.

I purchased some products from the Dr. Spiller biocosmetic range. They were quite pricy. I paid $190 (AUD) for the set of products (cleanser,toner,moisturiser/repair cream, spot treatment). The spot treatment is excellent. It shrinks whiteheads and pimples within hours! The cleanser and toner are great and gentle too.

I recommend people try out a mini or full green peel.

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My skin has seemed to repaired by now after treatment. Still some scarring left but there was some improvement with the green peel. Anyone else tried this before?

Also thinking of doing a few microdermabrasion sessions.

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hi -- usually after a treatment like that the plumping you see after scarring goes down. can you come back post how your scarring looks after about two weeks? (sometimes more).

for myself, anytime i've had a succession of treatments like microdermabrasion or cool touch done, my skin has looked really good while getting the treatments and for a few months after, but then it goes back to how it was.

if you have pics to post of before/after that would be helpful for people to see.

best of luck and thanks for sharing.

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I had a full fledge green peel done, twice, and they were not very plesant experiences. I thought crushed shells were being rubbed into my skin, it hurt soo bad. Then the lady tells me even though it's an herbal peel it could eat a rock I was like wha.....Seriously, it hurt but the outcome was ok, she said I didnt last long enough to get a good peel, I lasted like 3min, most people las like 10. and I dont have sensitive skin. It's crazy.

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