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Shannon C.

Overnight lip swelling

A few weeks ago I had a pimple above my upper lip on the left, I woke up the next morning with my upper lip swollen - but only on the left. So I figured it was a coincidence; took some anti-inflammatories and it went down over the rest of the day and was normal the next morning. But I had this really painful but small pimple below my lower lip on the right last night, and it was too painful to deal with, so I left it alone. I woke up this morning with my lower lip, on the right, swollen. I had to bear the pain and get rid of the pimple, I took a few aspirins again for the swelling, as that's what helped last time.

But, I'm wondering, has this ever happened to you? Also, what the hell could this possibly be? It's incredibly weird and very annoying to have to deal with. Needless to say I will get rid of any pimles close to my mouth before going to sleep from now on.

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My mouth area is where most of my acne occurs, sometimes it looks as if i've been punched on the lip. I usually get spots at the corner of my mouth and just above my upper and lower lip, right now i've about 4 or 5 spots around my lips and they are realy painfull, its very dificult to eat or even smile, there probably the hardest and most painfull to pop aswell

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hmmm. does it feel tingling and stinging when u feel it coming? it might be a cold sore. cuz i often get this "pimple" right under my lip and on my chin.. at least i thought it was a pimple. but i got a cold sore once, and now i know that spot is prone to cold sores... so i use a cold sore cream to treat. although SOMEtimes, they just turn out to be pimples... ?? =/

have you been getting enough regular sleep (before 11am) lately? been relaxed and not much stress? cold sores and pimples around the lip area are often triggered by an overworked body i find...

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