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I've been on this message board for a few weeks, and I'm starting to become more aware of the bleaching properties of Benzoyl Peroxide. I use the Proactiv Extra Strength kit (since the regular one didn't keep my acne under control) which contains 7% BP. I've been using it for a while, and I have noticed that several t-shirts have been bleached, now it isn't an overall bleaching but usually around the neckline or the shoulder areas, and my colored collared button shirts have definitely faded (one green shirt now has a yellow collar). At first I thought it was due to my poor laundry skills but even clothes that have only gone to the cleaners have been bleached and at the neckline.

So, I'm curious what are some tips that BP users do in order to prevent bleaching your clothes? BP has worked well for my acne and bleached clothes does seem a minor inconvenience in comparison but then again I'm tired of messing up favorite t-shirts.

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Guest blackheadben

put yor shirt on first. If you put it on last, it is pulled over your face and the bp. DO NOT COME ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR CLOTHES WHILE APPLYING BP. Repeat that phrase 7 times. also, be careful not to move your chin to far down and touch your collor until it is COMPLETELY dried.

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