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what is the best way to cover up/camouflage ACNE SCARS

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Hey will205 I don't think thats very helpful...pitted scars are very hard to deal with and I think its a shame some people are making fun of this...

damnpits, I would go with Maya's suggestion, but there isn't really any makeup or filler that will "fill" in pitted scars.

Some people have had very good success with the local TCA method which stimulates collagen growth in the center of the pits, raising them to skin level and with the smoothbeam, which does the same thing. These are 2 relatively new ways of treating acne scars so finding a dr. who does them in your area may take a little bit of research.

I'm doing the smoothbeam for my pitted scarring, 6 sessions at $250 each. The effects are cumulative, so if you have to save the money up and can't do them 3-4 weeks apart as suggested, you do NOT lose any progress, although I wouldn't do them more than 2 months apart (IMO).

If I have some pits that don't fill in all the way after the smoothbeam, my dr. said he would apply TCA just in the pits with a toothpick like instrument to continue to stimulate collagen growth but he didn't think that would be necessary. He said full face for this would be like $50, although you should check the thread for pricing in other areas.

Good luck,


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