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Anyone else's job suffering because of your acne? I'm on day 5 of roaccutane and for the first time in 2 years i never went into work because of my acne, its gotten bad and my face had loads of new spots and red marks, its like my face is on fire. I couldnt bare going into work.

I got up with all intentions of going in but when i looked in the mirror i thought eh maybe not, by the time i sorted my face out i would have been late anyway, its even too painfull to put on a moisturizer.

I hate being off work when i am physically able to work but i could not put up with avoiding people all day because of the way my skin looks, even without looking in a mirror i know i have it bad because i can feel all those spots around my mouth and nose.

I hope this is accutane bringing out all the bad stuff and i can finally get on with my life pretty soon.

Anyone else in the same situation ?

The funny thing is that i've gone into work with a chest infection and the flu as i knew soon enough i'd need time off due to the breakout when i started accutane.

I hope it doesnt last too long, i've previously left 2 jobs before (one of which was a pretty good job that i'd been in for over 3 years) because i couldnt face going back in with a face looking like a pitbull chewing a wasp :mad::lol:

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I had a very difficult time at my last place of work due to the new cysts that started forming on my face. Under the horrible fluorsecent lighting it looked ten times worse than it was, and the makeup I wore to conceal my mess of a face made me look chalky and pale. People were so rude to make comments about my paleness -- and would actually ask if my skin 'leisions' had something to do with Multiple Sclerosis (something I never should have admitted to them -- because they wouldn't have known otherwise -- and instead attribute every little change apparent in me to M.S. Good grief, it was such a piss off!).

I was offended so deeply and felt so defensive and angry all the time. I'd leave the bathroom (where the lighting was particularly horrible) if another person came in -- so as to avoid those supposedly 'caring' comments about damned M.S. and my freakin' acne, even though the two are completetly unrelated. Ugh! I missed several days of work when my skin flared up and was painful and just too much effort to work on with makeup at the mirror in the morning for an hour. I'd start getting ready some mornings, and faced with the daunting task of the preparation, the ordeals ahead, the running mental list of defensive retorts (I was loaded with snarky comebacks that I never dared to use) for the day ahead, I'd just give up and stay home with my cup of coffee, the cat, and the paper. I was so exhausted! I can't wait until these things aren't an issue anymore.

By the way, I'm on day 8 of Accutane -- so we're close! How are you doing otherwise? You look great in your photo! You're my type of man :-) I'm completely in love with fair, red-haired men. I, too, am a read-head -- though my ancestors are from France.

Okay, Ill lay off the gushing and just say that fair complexions tend to heal well from acne scars and particularly the red spots.

Take good care -- and you'll be in the clear soon. Take this time on Accutane as an excuse to pamper yourself more than usual, and to start new, healthy ways of being -- both physically and psychologically. Think positively, I'll think positively, and we can all collectively heal beautifully!

Kind Regards,


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Many thanks for your comments :D

I'm sorry to hear that other peope have been making remarks to you, luckily no one has ever really commented on my skin, maybe because when its bad i never go out to socialise.

Most people apart from my family and a friend don't know that i am on accutane for acne, when i told my friend that i was starting to take it he was like why are you taking it, you dont need it. He nor any of my other friends have never seen my bad days and dont even know i have acne, unless they do know and choose not to comment on it.

Its probably a bad thing to hide from people because now it looks 10 times worse if i see poeple whilst i'm having a bad breakout.

I hope my sikin clears up as i'm going awasy for a weekend at the end of the month, i really want to go and dont want my skin to dictate whether i'll be going or staying at home (even though i've paid for it already).

I think i might move somewhere hot and sunny as my skin is always good when i'm in a warm climate :razz: , it was perfect just last month when i was in tampa in florida. I think it could also be down to just relaxing and not worrying about acne and just enjoying myself, for 2 weeks i could wake up in the morning after been clubbing all night and still look good as my skin was clear, i wasnt rushing into the bathroom to fix up my face before going out for breakfast, sometimes i didnt even wash my face :surprised: ,Even all the greasy sun creams didnt affect my skin, weird huh ?

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The ocean and the sun always clear me up when I go on vacation. It's amazing how healing the ocean can be on skin.

I was considering moving somewhere by the ocean too, but I can't stand the constant heat. I hate it. I prefer colder climates.

Good luck with your accutane.


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I saw the pictures, it doesn't look bad at all, you can barely even see the acne. don't let it hold you back. there where many times i wanted to skip school/work because of acne but i didn't. i remember my first big breakout was right around the time a play i was in was opening. I really didn't want to go on stage looking like that but, i'm glad i did. the point is don't let a breakout rule your life. in a week no one you work with will even remember the breakout.

honestly it doesn't look bad at all, I don't think you should be on doxy during accutane. If I were you I would ask for a different kind o AB.

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