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Regimen Question

This is probably a very played out question at this point but does the regimen actually work? I know it varies from case to case to some degree, and it has to be followed religiously.. but is it my best bet aside from accutane. I attempted the regimen earlier in the year and got poor results -- maybe I wasn't strict enough with it. It also sucked spreading the cake of neutrogena on the spot on my face everday. I'm pretty desperate at this point, I would consider accutane but i have some background of depression in my family + I'm not too hype on any of the other side effects either.

I just want someone to tell me the regimen will work.... and moreso, I want it to work.

Any thoughts?

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first of all, get a BP gel, it absorbs so much better than the cream does. just to better serve you...

- what cleanser were you using?

- what moisturizer?

- did you use any other products on your face?

- what were your problems with the regimen?

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For me, it has totally worked to clear my skin and I have been sturggling with acne for 14 years (!!!!).

It does take a lot of discipline to do the regimen twice a day come hell or high water, but IMO it's worth it. The other thing it takes is patience (that is the hardest part for me!). You need to be patient through any breakouts that come out in the beginning and you need to commit to using set products without changing for say, 3 months, until making a final decision about whether or not its working.

(I am on my 11th week--100% clear this week.....and last week too!)

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when i first did it I used Cetaphil wash, on the spot, and cetaphil moisturizer. Didn't really otice much improvement. I'm thinking of doing the same thing now, maybe I will get Dan's Benzoyl peroxide instead of neutrogena.

Problem with the regimen the first time is it didn't rally work and my face felt like a crusty piece of shit, lol. I guess i just have to take it really seriously and never miss applications. hmmmmmmmm, hoping it works!

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