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24 Year Old Male, 40 mg-Amnesteem log

So, after so many years of struggling with acne and trying everything short of performing vodoo, I've decided to go on the Isotretinoin treatment.

I've read some of the posting around here and like most of you I've tried Proactiv, antibotics, ect. I tried Dan's Regimen which I must admit worked a lot better then most treatments, but I can't seem to get rid of the acne that is along my jawline.

This is the first day I'm on Isotretinoin. First pill at 2pm and second pill at 9:45pm. Do any of you guys feel like more tired because of taking Isotretinoin? I feel very sluggish and tired.

I'm really hoping this works. I want this fight with acne to end. I don't want to be worried about my skin all the time. I want to be to wake up and not go through the whole thing of putting on some sort of cream on my face that I will just sweat off during the day.

So here's to hoping! :popcorn: Hope is what keeps us going right?

"If God is with me, then who can be against me? Can't make me suffer, only make me tougher."

P.S. - And no drinking?! It doesn't help that I'm going to a college that is known for being a party school. :dance:

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Wassup? IPB Image

Wishing you good results with this medication!!

I read a lot about tiredness as a side-effect, I have just taking the pills for a week so I can't really say I have experience (yet) but I feel a little more tired but maybe it's due to having a low confidence too, I think it's a combination of different factors. (srry 4 the bad English IPB Image)

Oow and I think you are old enough to know what you are doing with liquor :rolleyes:

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Okay, so I've been taking Isotretinoin since Oct. 2, 2006. So it's been about a week. I've noticed my acne has flared up, but I've been reading that it's normal for it to get worse before it gets better. My face is so red and I think it's because my skin is getting dried and I haven't been using a moisturizer. I just hope it gets better soon! I've been feeling muscle pains in my neck and a bit on my back. I remember my pharmacist was telling me that ideally I should be taking my two 40mg doses about 10 hours apart with a good meal. So I've been doing that and the muscle pain isn't as bad as before. My lips are dry and peeling, but I've been reading that people have been putting on moisturizers on their face and Vaseline on their lips at night so that's what I'm going to start doing.

I've also noticed that I feel very tired all the time and all I want to do is sleep especially after I've just taken a pill. I had a small "sad moment" last night, but I'm okay now. I don't feel depressed or anything and I hope I don't get those side effects. I'm in a acting class right now and soon I will going in for auditions so I have no time in being in a bad mood and I need to have "great energy"!

Honestly, I've been reading other people's experinces on Isotretinoin and it's scaring me. First I hear that once people get off of it their acne flares up again or they have muscle and joint pains for the rest of their lives, or whatever. I just want to get out of this treatment without having my acne flare up again and also with the least amount of side effects as possible.

Here's to hoping! :popcorn:

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Argh! This is so annoying! My face is still breaking out! Argh! I thought things were worse when I wasn't on Isotretinoin! I know I got to just be patience and wait, but now I'm so mindful of my ance that it has effected my confidence! Anyone have any advice for me?

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hey dont worry,

alot of pple here r going through the same thing...ur dose is high so ur gonna get the side effects much quickly and perhaps worse, but hey..u'll also get quicker results

good luck to you!

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DAY 15

So I change from using Dan's BP to azelaic acid cream. I talked to my derm's assistance and she said that all I need to do is just wash my face, but I really want to get rid of the acne I have now. I want my confidence back!

I hate how when I interact with people, that in my head I keep on thinking about the acne on my face.

My skin was peeling bad, especially under my nose area and my chin. I use a moisturizer and now the dead dried skin has gone away. I also had a really bad headace a couple of days ago and also the biggest cravings for buffalo wings. I went and got some and funny thing was after I was done eating the buffalo wings my headace was gone! Think I'm weird here, you should meet me in real life.

Lips are really dry, but I use Carmex and Vasaline to remedy that problem, but I hate putting it on. I have a friend who is on her 3rd month of Isotretinoin. She said it's going to be cool when I clear up in a month. She's so sweet for motivating me.

Feel tired all the time and I sleep a lot. Argh! How am I going to keep up with school?

Thirsty all the time. Wow, I never peed so much in one day.

I was at a party and told a close friend of mine that I was taking Isotretinoin and she said she notices that the skin on my cheeks looks really good. I'm so happy! I just have to be patience and wait for the rest of my face to follow suit. Whatever it takes!

On another note, I went out to the bars the other night. I didn't drink much because I was driving, plus I'm on Isotretinoin. One jager bomb and two Budlights. Nothing too serious. I went out with my friend and her sister and brother-in-law. Is it me or is there just a lot of creepy guys out there? My friend got hit on by so many creepsters. I mean they would just come up and take her hand like they were casanovas or something. I was like, "Wow! Does that really work?" One guy was trying to pull my friend away, but she wasn't having it. When he couldn't take the hint, I finally said, "Hey! Sorry guy, the lady said no."

I just think it's rather pathetic how guys go to the bars or clubs to pick up women because A. When women go to the bars or clubs with a group of people, they are looking to have fun and not to hook up. B. Women at the bars or clubs already have their "defenses" up so why go up against a tank with a rock? C. Picking up drunk women is not a skill. In all honesty, all you really picked up was a drink so congradulations!

I'm not saying that going to the bars and meeting a random woman/getting a number/rubbing your penis on her ass/ect is bad, but come on guys. Don't act desperate.

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DAY 17

Okay so my the breakouts I had before (under my nose and chin) are going away. I sitll get breakouts, but they aren't as bad as before. My face is less oily which is good! My skin is very dry though and peeling. It's also pretty red at times, but then it seems to "calm down". Lips are very dry! I hate putting on vasaline.

I've been keeping up with drinking plenty of water and eating enough protein.

No headaces. No joint or muscle pain. No depression or crying spells. Actually lately I've been in a good mood which is good because that's how I am. I'm just waiting for the time to come when my face gets all clear.

How long does it usually take for it to clear everything up? I heard at least 2 months. I hope it's sooner!

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Day 20!!!

Awesome! Only 10 days left until I hit my first month! I have a problem with commitment, so it's amazing that I'm been very good at not drinking heavily and taking my pills.

On another note, ladies when I get clear skin, I will still have a problem with commitment issues so WATCH OUT NOW!

I'm such a dork.

My pimples are getting smaller then before. Before they were huge! The right side of my jaw line is starting to clear up pretty nicely. My left side is a whole different story. It's a mess! I've decided to stop using the azelaic cream because it makes my face very dry and irritated.

I've notice that my skin and lips has become a lot more dry now. It doesn't help now when the weather is getting colder. I've been jogging a bit more, which I think helps. I still get so tired after taking the pills. I practically slept the whole day yesterday.

Went to a birthday party last night...I want to be off this stuff! I'm so tired of being the designated driver...

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Day 22

The acne on the right side of my face that came from a break out, a couple weeks ago, are healing up pretty nicely! Yeah!

Now if only my left side of my face can start healing nicely.

I feel tired all the time. I sleep so much.

The new chapstick I bought works really really well. I recommend it!

Going back home for the weekend. Yeah!

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DAY 31

Wow! It's been some trip. First I was told that my derm wasn't going to be in the office until mid December so I had to see another derm before I can get my second prescription. Well, that's kind of hard for me because I'm going to school and it's about a 4 - 5 hour drive back home for me. On top of that, I go through the mountain passes and since its winter, I could get stranded going either way.

Then I look in the mirror and I love the results thus far. So screw it, I bit the bullet and went back home during my 3-day weekend to see my new derm and got my second prescription. Up to now, I've been off of Isotretinoin for about a week now. I have to admit. It was so nice not to feel tired all the time or have very dry and peeling skin during that week. On top of it, I did not miss the dry peeling lips either.

So I took my first pill of the day on day 31. I told my derm about the side effects I've been having and the break outs that I had. (Which now has gone away.) She said that I should expect more break outs (WHICH SUCKS!), but it will subside as the treatment goes along.

I got a different brand of Isotretinon. I was using Amnesteem last month, but now I will be using Sotret. I figure they work the same.

I watched the news this morning and it said that it was snowing over the passes and that it will get worse...

Hopefully I can make it back to school.

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DAY 53

Wow! It's been awhile since I posted anything.

Has it already been 53 days already?! I'm almost at the 2 month mark!

Well, my acne has gotten better. A lot better! During that one week when I had to go without Isotretinoin because I had to wait to see my derm, my acne began to flare a little bit. Ever since I started on it, I've been seeing improvements in my skin.

My skin looks a lot smoother and my friends say they can see a difference! Awesome!

My skin is dry though, but not as dry when I first started using Isotretinoin. Also, the dryness are only in "patches" on my face. I do, however, feel muscle aches on my back and shoulders.

I'm trying to get back on a workout routine. I admit, I've been lazy lately, but the mucle aches I get from Isotretinoin doesn't hinder my work outs.

I still experince very dry lips and this cold weather isn't helping. Dude, I hate carrying chapsticks. I keep on losing them and I keep on buying new ones!!!

I'm going to need to go in for my monthly blood test within the week. The nearest hospital that my insurance will cover is an hour and a half away! Argh! Well, whatever it takes right?

I so can't wait until I'm done taking this pill and finally have nicer skin. In the mean time, I'm going to work out so my body will match my face. Watch out Jessica Alba!!

Gosh, I'm still a dork.

BTW, to the guys who are taking Isotretinoin, do you guys feel like you are taking birth control pills? I do, especially, when the package that the Isotretinoin come in have the no pregnancy image on it.

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