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?s about homemade ALA/DMAE & ? for Denise RE Eye Cream..

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Hello to all,

I am just about finished with my Perricone 5% ALA Face Firming Activiator, and although I do believe it helps with scarring, I do find that I get tiny little break-outs from it--when used regularly. For over $100 a bottle (once you include shipping and handling) I am now going to try making my own homemade version.

My first question:

I have heard/read that Vitamin E can cause breakouts -- if taken internally and if applied externally (check out the Sage website/comedogenic ingredient list)

Has anyone had problems with breakouts-- from using/taking Vitamin E?

(Both the ALA from Epic4Health and the Emu Oil from Skin Biology contain Vitamin E.)

Here is the information that I have so far-- about the homemade version:

ALA (from Epic4Health, 100 mg capsules)

DMAE (from Lifes Vigor, 350 mg capsules)

Emu Oil (from Skin Biology)

C-Ester ( from ??? )

If I wanted to make a batch to last for 1 week, how many capsules of the ALA should I use?

How many capsules of the DMAE?

How much Emu Oil?

As far as the C-ester goes-- I only use the Super CP Serum after a peel (once a week) OR sometimes I use it after using the Epidermx Scrub (good for exfoliating REALLY well)

SOoo I do not think that I would have a problem using the C-ester in my concoction. I just do not know where (or if) I can get C-Ester in liquid form???

Also--- are you guys using the Pure Deming once a day--- and then your own homemade version once a day?

Is anyone using JUST their own homemade version? OR just the Pure Deming? What are the results ? My goal is to help "tighten up" my skin--as I have the kind of scarring --where if I pull my skin tight/taut--- the scarring dissapears. I am not sure if my own homemade version would work better than the Pure Deming-- or if the Pure Deming would be enough? OR if I should combine the 2???


Denise, you had posted that the best eye cream that you have found so far-- is the "Ultra Firming Eye Cream" from All Natural Cosmetics. WHen I went to the site (from the link that you so kindly posted) I found the

"Ultimate Firming Eye Cream".

Did you mean "Ultimate" instead of "Ultra"?

Answers to the above questions would be so greatly appreciated!!! smile.gif

Thank you very much !!


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Yeah, I meant "ultimate"....sorry.

Personally, I'm finding that using the Pure Deming stuff is actually cheaper than making my own. Plus, when you make your own, you have to make it such small batches, that you have to make it more frequently than normal. The Pure Deming does have preservatives to keep it fresh. It works very well, and doesn't seem to break me out at all. ALA and DMAE are incredibly good for acne. I have found that the PD formula doesn't break me out. I found that the 5% ALA Perricone broke me out sometimes too.

You can make your own, or order the PD, which has other things that are very skin nourishing.

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I am only using the PDeming stuff on my face now.. but I still make a big batch to use on my body as a total body toner/moisteriser (works very well) but of course I add loads of Olive oil to it too so it can go a long way. I have also added another couple of ALA capsules and some emu oil to the PD intense gel, not sure if it makes it any better though.

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Maya & Denise,

I just ordered the Pure Deming Gel after reading some of your posts, as it sounds like it would be wonderful for aging skin; have either of you noticed any improvement in scarring since you've been using it?

Also, FYI---if any of you are taking ALA orally, ourhealthcoop.com has 300 mg. caps for $12.95 for 90 capsules. Their products are high quality; the site was started by a retired Dr. that has everything tested before he puts it on his site, and cuts the profit out to make supplements affordable. I've been purchasing from them for a few years now and I've always been happy with their products and customer service.

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Ebby....I don't think I've used it long enough to notice scar improvement. (since last Thursday). However, I have noticed a tightening, a lifting, and wonderful pore shrinkage. It's like doing a clay mask....you know how small your pores are, and how tight the skin is? Well, it's like that, but it doesn't wear off, and your skin is lifted. smile.gif

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Thank You So much Denise, Maya and Ebbie-- for the replies. I have requested a sample of the Demi product, and will probably end up ordering the 2 oz-- if I like the results from the sample.

Then I will use the whole bottle and see what I think-- before going ahead and ordering all of the stuff to make my own.

I am also going to order the eye firming cream (Thanks, Denise : )

and thanks again to all for answering!

Have a GREAT evening smile.gif


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