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Hey guys

About 1 year ago I found this website and these wonderful forums. I soon joined the bandwagon and began my CSR treatments with the regular stuff. Along with my at the time acne meds from the Derm (doryx 2 a day) and the CSR things looks moderatly better.

2 months into the treatment things looked okay, but I started to think that my razor was causing a problem with ingrowns so I switched to a braun electric for my spring semester. By the end of the semester I was clear - perfect. I continued the regimen - but used an electric shaver, and the occasional SA wash when I felt really dirty. During this time I also went on a diet change - more so for my weight, but it may have had an effect on my acne. I dropped the carbs and went on the atkins. Again my face was fine.

Over the summer I was studying abroad and things were acting up - maybe it was cause I was using a normal razor for shaving and my diet had gone back to normal. I got back from the term abroad and went to see my derm. at that point I had a few spots but I let her know that things were great in the spring and that I would get back on my regimen asap and that things should be fine. I am now on dynacin once a day and differn gel.

my face is now breaking out again - like i am back at square one, so that's why im back. I have looked at new solutions including B5 and the use of lac-hydrin 5 as a moisturizer.

Any tips that you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated

maybe suggestions on my diet - maybe the atkins thing helped?

b5 worth a shot, lac-hydrin 5 a good step?

You guys are great - thanks for being here.

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Maybe try getting back on the Regimen strictly.

Most people find when they stick religiously to the Regimen as Dan describes, it works very well.

If your acne is mild to moderate, this should work for you.

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I have been on the regimen for one year now - pretty darn strictly. I can count on two hands occasions when I skipped a cleaning.

My acne does not cover my whole face, but the ones that I get tend to be big guys. Usually around my side burns or jaw line I get a red sport that forms and in a few days it hurts to touch it. I sometimes try and draw it out with hot water, but that never works. i also try and load BP on them, or spot treat them by globbing it on them before bed - nothing happens that I can tell.

Nothing seems to stop them - the huge pimple on my cheek clears up and then one on the opposite side jawline starts up. while that one is clearing up another is forming on my cheek near the sideburn.

they aren't small pimples by any means.

your ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated..

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