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above & beyond

[Green Cream] I think it's working??

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Guest chon_bon

yeah they call it the purging stage. its basically your pores shrinking thus pushing out all the impurities to the surface. if you're interested, talk to kevin on the green cream forums. he's the expert.


Holy shit that will take some reading, what did you sum up????????????

and what is your experience??? I have level 6 noe just got it what to do?????????

well my experience with green cream was a bumpy one. i first started with level 6 but i think my skin was too sensitive for it. everytime i applied the level 6, a couple days later my skin would peel like crazy and my whole face got red and iritated. i asked around the forums and they said that this was natural and that it would become better once my skin adjusted to the retinol. unfortunately it didn't so i had to stop using it for a while. right now i am trying to start up again but i'm starting at level 3, and i haven't experienced any serious peeling or iritation (yet) so maybe this is a good sign. i did notice that when i washed my face in the shower, that dead skin was coming off.

since you already got level 6 i suggest applying it at night maybe 2-3 days apart and see how your skin reacts. if there is no serious iritation, then increase to every other night, and then eventually to every night. after that, if you can use it comfortably twice a day, then it's probably time to move up to level 9. however, if you're like me and you feel that green cream level 6 is too strong for your skin, then moving down to level 3 is probably the best choice.

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Not a huge improvement, but, still an improvement.

Are you are getting whiter or because of the lighting?

I think it is a huge improvement.

above & beyond stick with the program, your skin is looking great now!!! :D

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I think there is an improvement from the first pictures to the last. Red marks take a notoriously long time to fade, even with the right treatment. I think you need to assess where you are at in 6 months ...

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