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Little skin colored bumps (almost like a rash) on my forehead- what could this be?

Ever since the weather's gotten cooler, my forehead (and a bit on my chin) have developed these small flesh colored bumps. They're only visible in certain lighting, but I dont like how they make my skin feel. I've been on low dose accutane for about 5 months, and have 4 more to go, so i'm not looking for use any harsh products. Anyways, i'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced these, and if so, how you got them to go away. Thanks in advance!

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I had the exact same thing happen. About two weeks ago a whole bunch appeared on my chin out of nowhere. I thought it was an allergic reaction! It was like a patch on either side of my chin and along my jaw line. They are white (don't seem like your typical whitehead) and they don't hurt or itch or anything but I hate the feeling of them on my face!

So of course I did what I normally do in situations like this I PANICKED and tried diagnosing myself using the net (bad idea). I thought I had Milia (dead skin built up and you have to get them removed by a professional or they won't go away) but I was wrong. What you have sounds like what I have and that's just dumb pimples you can't pop and it's likely due to the weather. I am using Vichy Exfoliating Cleanser and am hoping it will go away because the rest of my face is totally clear.

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