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My Acne Problems

Nobody be mean, lol :(

Buut im real new to this forum but i hope to get and share a lot with it.

Right now Im uisng Retin-A Micro




Taking 1 Doxycycl HYC 100Mg a night

Im supposed to alternate each night with the 2 meds and take the pill once a night

I First off my skin peeled very bad but i never had bad acne. Now i wash my face with Clearasil Clearer skin in 3 days 2 or 3 times a day and use this stuff. My skin has red spots like its iritated and on top of that it peels even more. I didnt know that washing your hands is such i big deal.. if it is then there is where most my problems are because i fish and do a lot of outdoor things and i guess i touch my face a lot.. Im just wondering if i should tell my dermatolagist that i need meds that these are too strong or not strong enough. I know he makes a lot of money by selling these products, I know people go to doctors and tell them how great there products are and how they should use them and perscribe them to the customers... But im in a pickle... Im not sure wether i should stop and let my skin heal up and just wash it with 1 thing, because honestly i was better off before i used these meds

I just want to know what to do.. Some people say ProActiv doesnt work and some say it does.. i know its not very strong but from the looks of things my face cant handle much or it will peel alll the time every day. What do i do?!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! Im glad i found this forum!!

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Don't use proactive, it will just make your skin peel even more. If I were you I would just stick with one acne product at first, like maybe clindagel, and use a good moisturizer twice a day like lac-hydrin five. Let your skin adjust to this and then slowly add in another acne product if you feel you need to. Your face is probably irritated from the retin-a, which happens to everyone when they start that product. It won't last forever usually, but if you don't like it then don't use it.

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You shouldnt wash your face too much or scrub at it as this will only make your acne worse, do as takara says and try one product at a time to see what works best, give it a couple of weeks to see if there is any improvement.

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