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accutane and moisturizer???????

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ok guys ..here it is

i have been on accutane for 20 days already and my skin is getting dry

however...my face does not tolerate very well with moisturizer...even at a young age..whenver i put on moisturizer, lotion or anything that is oily and creamy..i tend to break out. with that being said....do u think i will break out using moisturizer when on accutane. cause doesn't accutane do the work by itself by keeping my face dry. usually moisturizer makes my face REALLY REALLY OILY then i break out.

anyone having this problem.....cause my face is getting dry by the day and i was wondering if i'm breaking out by using moisturizer..

please help


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what moisturizer do you use. as long as it's non comedogenic it shouldn't really break you out. i use cetaphil and it works.

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I have the same problem... if i put ANYTHING moisturizing on my face it makes me get wicked bad acne

however since I went on accutane I use cetaphil (green tube) at night to repair my skin, and the SPF 15 during the day ( I think it actually helps fight acne)

anyway, try it, hope it helps

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AVEENO. nuff said.

AVEENO, is expensive (sort of) and has lots of CRAP in it that can and will make your face worse. Bring any aveeno product to a derm or pharmacist and they will cry at all the stuff that will clog every single pore you have. nuff said!

If you are on accutane, use anything but aveeno. ACNE.ORG "suggest a moisturizer" page

I say use Complex 15, since when I started really drying out on accutane, it really helped and I KNEW it wouldn't harm my face in any way.

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Both Purpose and Cetaphil make good lightweight moisturizers that are truly non-comedogenic and will work great for Accutane.

I've never had an issue with Aveeno unless it had a sunscreen component, but that's true of all sunscreens really.

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