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about scabbing

right well i have some bad luck. getting out of the shower i may notice the zit or cyst(spelling?) may have broken. so it scabbs over, and those look horrible. does putting moisturizer on them help? and can somone give me some advice about what to do with them and the such?

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try not to mess with the scabs. the longer the scab stays on, the better chance that wound can heal properly. i know its tempting to pick the scab off, but don't! i know they look hideous, but just leave it alone. i always thought to myself "pick it off and possibly have a scar for the rest of my life? or leave it there and look gross for just a week or so, and not have a scar - i would definetly choose the latter". just let it fall off naturally. you'll thank yourself later

as for the moisturizing part, i'm clueless. it seems that if you would try moisturizing them, it would make them easier to fall off because you would be rubbing the product on the scab, thus loosening the scab. if you do decide to mositurize them, be extremely gentle

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I've had really good luck putting neosporin on scabs. It keeps them moist and speeds up the healing. It doesn't leave a red mark when the scab it gone either.

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