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Post-Acne assistance.

Hello, everyone.

I've had acne for a long time and I probably could of done something about it if I wasn't so lazy. Turns out I had a health condition making me always depressed and tired; so now I'm trying to get my life back on track. :wall:

I tried many over-the-counter acne medications, and none of them worked for me. They only dried my skin really good, but left me with ever re-occuring acne.

Then I saw Nature's Cure. It had an idea new to me: taking a pill for acne. So I tried this common OTC medication and within two weeks (which is quick for someone who's had acne all their life, in my opinion), I have no remarkable pimples and my face looks so much younger. I had 15-16 yr. old girls hitting on me thinking I was senior. Of course I did the right thing and told them my age, but still... mhuahah nice :):wub:

I just wanted to blurt that out for anyone else who is looking for a strong recommendation. Nature's Cure is working so well for me now I buy it and take the pills only (I don't apply the creme anymore) and my face is clear. :dance:

The only issue I have now is my face is still rather red from the onslaught. Not very red, but noticable in pictures and what not (from flash). :doubt:

What sort of facial products do you guys recommend to get a more natural skin tone back?

Thanks. ;)

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