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Real success Story!! the regimen actually works!!/ PICTURES INSIDE

I thank God for making the CSR work for me, I thank Dan for sharing his CSR with the world, if it wasnt for his Information and his web site I dont know what I would have done.

Its all started around May of 2006, I began using Retina-A and began breaking out like crazy. after 6 weeks of using it I just gave up. My face was ruined and my social life came to a stop. I felt ugly and terrible. I wasnt ready to give up, I decided to go on the internet and find information. I came across this site because it really maked sense, wash your face gently, apply BP, and moisturize. I would never thought that something so simple would have help me get on my feet again.

After 3 months on the CSR I began to notice a difference, my acne was going away. after 4 months my face was clear. Around late august I decide to stop using the CSR. Till now, I Have have not gotten A serious pimple, only a really small one every now and then, and they heal like in 2 days.

What I have to worry about now is my acne marks, they are dissapearing, does anyone know something besides AHA acids?

Thank GOD, and Dan



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Congratulations!!!! Your skin looks soooo great! I cannot believe how much it improved on CSR. I wish I had pictures to post of my before and after--I have had similar results. Although I had pimples as bad you did in your before pictures, my overall skin was probably not as bad because I had fewer. CSR REALLY does work!

Besides crediting Dan (which he deserves), credit yourself for the hard work and preserverence!!! You are awesome and you look awesome!

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I just looked at your pictures and WOW!

Awesome! Your skin looks great!!

Please share your specific regimen that got you clear, it might help others. Which cleanser, BP, and moisturizer did you use?

And be very careful when stopping BP, sometimes it can take a few weeks to a few months and the acne starts creeping back up! You don't want to end up back at square one!

But hopefully you are out of it by now!! yay!!

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you're quitting bp? if you are, you are braver than i. i dont think i will ever quit bp (at least not anytime soon)...i am too scared my skin will return to its original state. i love csr and now that i am clear i am just trying to tweak the regimen to get rid of redmarks...so far i have tried retin a at night (with little success at treating redmarks), acv (made my pores HUGE although admittedly i did not give it a long enough fair chance) and AHA (mild improvement).

good luck finding something to relieve the redmarks! again congratulations...you look great!

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Congratulations, I hope your skin stays clear but if the acne starts acting but up, you know where to come for support! Aren't all these folks great?? :wub: You look awesome!

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