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Help for acne and scar treatment :)

So abit of History:

Well after spending a good 6 months on Acne.org this time last year doing my research, and buying the products, I felt the BP was very good at getting rid of the acne.I started using BP last year during my 2 months summer holidays, and so was able to get over the excessive dryness caused by the BP. I wasn't too worried about the scars (i don't have indented scars, just brownish marks left after acne). My main issue was ridding my self of the acne itself, then work on the scars.

Now the problem with BP, was that it was very drying, and if you put it on in the morning, during a hot day, your face can go pretty dirty looking (sorry pretty difficult to describe). Plus it made the marks made by acne last longer.

Now the issue with drying - This is one main thing that put me off BP. The drying in winter is madness, I ended up for a couple of nights having to use Vaseline (i know its a big no no). Fortunatly i had no adverse reactions.

So then come to Feb 2006, i was acne free (but when you stopped using BP, a couple whiteheads did appear). But the scars were pretty bad :(

So I consulted a local doctor, and he said cut the BP out and let your skin have a rest from the chemicals, and the scars will disappear. I did this, and for a month i had no acne, and the scars dramatically faded, but then one day the acne came back :( At this point i began researching Bio-Oil to fade the scars. And just as the acne came back I ordered a bottle. I decided against starting the BP again, as too much effort. The bio oil came, and it worked WONDERS.

Now briefly:

Bio-Oil ran out

Acne Came back

Went on Holiday

Arrived back, went to a doctor

Now we are talking about August time - The doctor prescribed me with the following:

Doxycycline (50mg)

Zineryt (soloution)

The doxycycline too be taken once a day, and zineryt solution applied on the face at night. Both are anti-biotics.

After 2 weeks, the acne was gone, and I had very little dryness. I continued Zineryt for 6 weeks, before I stopped using it (because I had purchased Bio-Oil) I am still continuing with the tablets, and the acne is not returning :). Once a month I may feel one coming to a head, so I just stick some Zineryt on it, and use the Bio-Oil around it.

The Bio-Oil has worked wonders for the scars, and is fading them slowly, and leaves your skin much more radiant and soft. (plus doesn't harm the skin like the acids)

So thats my regiment, plus a balanced PH soap in the mornings and evenings.

Hope it helps someone.

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