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I'm 22, and I have been struggling with these rashes of small blackheads and whiteheads all over my face- hairline-decollete for 2 years now. I have sensitive skin, so Differine and antibiotics give me eczema. I tried Diane, but I stopped one month ago and the rashes came back. I tried everything- facials, salcilic, masks, exfoliating but they keep growing! I can't see a derm before 2 months...ANY ADVICE????

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How weird i'm 22 and you sound just like me, i even have sensitive skin and often get eczema from certain products. I have decided that these flair ups in which tons of blackheads seem to appear in a few days and also tons of very small rash like whiteheads, often tiny puss ones are hormonal. Seem to get a bad breakout of these around a week before my period. I also don't seem to have a problem with them if i take the pill. So annoying because although they aren't big i would much rather have like 5 large spots (i also do get normal spots quite a lot) than like 60 of these mini whiteheads. I't really does look like you have some horrible rash. I also get them in my neck area....think make up also plays a part and I have recently switched which also seems to help. My theory is increased oil production and make up=blocked pores=rash like spots!

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