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Strange outbreak


I am 52, female.

I have adult cystic acne and rosecea.

The problem area I have been fighting since Nov 2005 has me curious (among other things-sad, mad, etc).

I havewhite spots under my skin...alot of them. Not like white heads. When I push on the skin around them a small white ting comes out. Actually the white things vary in looks, somewhat. Some look like a small piece of dandruff (kinda like a little piece of wet cotton). Others look like a small piece of dry cotton, still others look like tiny pieces of skin or a tiny little bubble of wet something (perhaps pus although I can remove it with tweezers as a whole unit (as if removing an egg yold without breaking it...only a whole lot smaller, about the size of 3 pinheads put together).

Has anyone heard of "stalks" that grow out of the skin? I read that on a website for skin diseases but not I can't find the site again, even after a series of searches.

If anyone knows anything about these "stalks" or about what may be coming out from under my skin, please comment.

Oh,yes...I should mention that sometimes, they find their way into my mouth. I don't know if they can work through the skin or if I breathe them into my mouth or what. These normally are the ones that look like either small, hard,dry pieces of skin or else the tiny pieces of cotton. I have sores inside my mouth, often as well as on the side of my tongue and ofcourse, at the very corners of my mouth. I am seeing a dermo but he has not commented on these white things. (I don't think I explained them very well...I hate to take up alot of his time) I am also seeing my family physician (I had beriatric surgery 4 years ago so they keep a close eye on me and I get blood work about every 4 mos).

I hope someone has information on this, it is darn near driving me nuts trying to find something out about this new thing my body is doing. Thanks so much and sorry for the length, I wanted to be thorough with my description.


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