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if you have hyperpigmentation, please read this. It'll help alot!

Please, read this if you have hyperpigmentation on your face. It might work for Caucasian people too, but its certainly working for me and im a light skinned african-american male. All you need to spend is about 15 dollars on 3 products. They are: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, OXY Maximum Strength Pads and Blemish-Be-Gone Drying Lotion. I bought all of these products from a CVS on the upper east side in new york city so im sure theyll be available at your nearest CVS or Walgreens. Theres no need for expensive dermabrasions, burning the hell out of your face with glycolic acid or any of that other crap. The key is keratolysis or in simpler terms, you want to dry out your skin so the outer layers of your skin peel off. This is how i did it:

Please note that you need to constantly have this stuff on your face or its gonna take alot longer.

First, attack your face with the OXY pads or just the places where your acne scarring is. I had scarring on my jaw line for example so for me i used it there.

Then, immediately put on the blemish-be-gone drying lotion thick and rub it in.

After about an hour later, wash that off and put on the mint julep masque.

Once that has dried, flake off most of the masque with a dry wash cloth and wash off the rest.

Immediately reapply the blemish-be-gone and leave it on.

Every couple hours, wash off the blemish-be-gone and put a new application back on.

At the end of the day, rub on the scarred areas of your face with a wet wash cloth--make sure its clean or new or you might get an infection!!!!

As you notice your skin beginning to visibly peel off in the mirror, you might want to rub a bit harder when youre using your wash cloth at the end of the day. But dont rub too hard so as to avoid seriously damaging your skin!!!

Note: only use the oxy pads once a day. Im not sure if using the pads more than once will set you back from the saliyic acid or quicken the drying process. May work differently or different people but once a day seemed to work for me

For me, its only been 3 days of doing this and the dark spots that were on my face are almost invisible and my skin tone is nearing to be uniform. No dermabrasion, no glycolic acid, MaMa's Lotion or any other creams that claim to help your tone in 9 weeks to 3 months or whatever it is. NOBODY wants to wait that long for results because it sucks balls going out everyday with embarrassing scars on your face. I think we all know about it and its not fun.

SO, PLEASE GIVE THIS A TRY. IT'LL HELP OUT A BUNCH. for the looks of it, im 3 days in and im lookin alot better already. By next weekend, I should be near to all healed up.

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sounds really great!

any photos of yourself? cuz i wanna know how severe your hyperpigs are in comparason to mine. thx

im afraid to try it tho seeing how nothing has worked for my scars or hyperpigmentations

but eh...maybe i'll get it a shot soon

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Okay,a couple of questions about this:

1. You start off by saying it's for hyperpigmentation,but then you say acne scars soon afterwards. Which is it for,exactly? Or is it for both? I'm sure you know that they're not the same thing,but this part confused me.

2. If it is acne scars that you meant to say,what kind of scars did you have? Were they slightly raised? African-Americans tend to get acne scars like like these (keloids and hypertrophic scars) more often,I've read.

I'm asking because I'm also an African-American male with a lighter skin tone (more of a caramel complexion) and I have slightly raised scars from past acne breakouts. I'm going to a derm on May 10 to get a chemical peel,and I am curious about this since you're saying it peels the skin and is working well for you. Always seems harder to find a good remedy for acne scars on African-American skin for some reason.

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