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Food Allergy / Inflmation Self-Test

Food Allergy / Inflmation Self-Test

Guys I have big book Nutritional Healing Third Edition ... Here is interesthing article:

IPB Image

I am tried for both Food Alleryy and inflamtion checking if any food do and it is works:

Food Allergy / Inflmation Self-Test:

If you suspect that you are allergic to a certain food, a simple test can help you determine if you are correct. By recording your pulse rate after cosuming the food in question , you can reveal if you are having an allergic reaction. (I also belive it is works for Inflmation ) Using a watch with a second hand, sit down and relax for few minutes. When completely relaxed , take your pulse at the wrist. Count the number of beats in a sixty-second period. A normal pulse reading is between 52 and 70 beats per minute. After taking your pulse , consume the food that you are testing for an allergic reaction. Wait to twenty minutes and take your pulse again. If your pulse rate has increased more than ten beats per minute , omit this food from your diet for one month , and then retest yourself.

For the purposes of this test, it is best to use the purest form of the suspected foood avaible. For example, if you are testing yourself for an allergy to wheat, it is better to use a bit of plain cream of wheat cereal than to use wheat bread, which contains ofther ingredients beside wheat. This way you will know that if you observe a reaction, it is the wheat reponsible.

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