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Does CSR work for hormonal acne?

I've been on the csr for 5 months now. It doesn't really do a whole lot, but I think thats because my acne is hormonal. I have also added an extra wash and not used enough moisturizer, which may be another reason why it hasn't worked. I got on Yasmin a few months ago and my face is pretty clear except for the week of my period. I have begun doing the csr exactly and my skin is pretty clear right now, but it's my clear time anyway. I'm just wondering if I should even bother with the csr. I'm afraid I'll break out if I stop, but I'm not too sure that it helps my hormonal acne anyway. Any input would be appreciated

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most acne starts off as hormonal acne, like in teens. Im 17 and have acne since 14, but my hormones kicked in when i was like 12, and my acne didnt start till 14.

iv used bp in the past and it did work a great deal :) but then personaly i found BP made my face look worse than it did better, so i control my acne with antibiotics and medicated toners and GA Peels :)

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If you break out during the week of your period, perhaps you can use the Yasmin to skip periods? Yasmin is a monophasic birth control pill, so you can just start another active set of pills rather than allowing a week for your period. You can safely do this for three months at a time--that's the idea behind that Seasonale pill, for example, but any monophasic BCP is appropriate for skipping periods. When you do have your period after a few months of skipping it, it is usually lighter and shorter, too. Continuing to follow the CSR strictly and perhaps using a bit more BP the week before and during your period might help with the hormonal acne more, too.

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