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i thought it was garbage. i'm a huge fan of topical retnoids, taz in particular, (not differin). never tried retin-a

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3 step = breakout on forehead...

Perhaps it might have taken a while for everything to clear up after an initial breakout... but I didn't want to risk it...


I've got the spot treatment gel...and I think it's pretty effective for whiteheads and minor cysts... it shrivels them out without leaving a great big fat red mark like when I was using BP... (this is SA instead)...

I'm also using the total turnaround cream nightly and the 15 minute facial once per week... I have to say these products are both... AMAZING... after the 15 min facial which I did before bedtime, when I woke up, a huge cluster of those grosse deep blackheads on the corner of my mouth were all sitting on top waiting to be scraped off... I don't even need that much concealer for my chin now which was previously a big mess of scars... I really recommend these two products... pricey, but so worth it :P

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Interesting, I will have to check out those products.

Has anyone ever tried the Clarifying Lotion?

hi i've just been to clinique and got loads of samples to try i'm scared though there is so much to put on the skin i'm worried i might make the problem worse should i go for it or not i have mild acne mainly round chin and mouth

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