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Alternative lasers to Smoothbeam

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Hi Im new here but have been reading the boards for a long time and wanted to throw this out there.

There are many new lasers out there promoting wrinkle reduction and collagen remodeling/stimulation. Some do and some dont site acne scars as an indication for their use.

I am curious, do companies have to pay to claim "FDA Approved for scar reduction"? etc. I am using a laser FDA approved for wrinkle reduction/ collagen stimulation and am hoping to get results similar to smoothbeam ( i have another post at "my smoothbeam treatments" going into more detail) Im wondering if people without SB in their area (me) can get help from these new "facelift" wrinkle reduction lasers.

My derm says the results should be very similar. I think Im going to continue with the therapy she recommended but I would love any feedback. I will keep people updated on my progress and I guess we can compare it to the results people get on SB.

Im wondering if there are a lot of other scar treatments out there that companies havent "paid" or marketed for scar revision but do work.


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RoRo: I believe that companies are permitted to make claims only after the FDA has thoroughly tested their product/service for the specific claims they are making. Not sure about what FDA standards are, but you might want to look at their site for more info: http://www.fda.gov/ ---

Also not sure if they have to pay for approval, but my guess would be that there is some sort of fee or every company would have endless claims....

The way I understand it is that SmoothBeam has been FDA approved for acne scarring, whereas other lasers are not yet approved by the FDA for that specific purpose. Your best bet is to research to compare the various lasers. Personally, I would prefer to have something that is approved for treating acne scars, but other lasers might be effective as well, though as of yet I have not seen a measure of what makes one laser more effective than another when it comes to acne scars. Sorry for being long-winded! :-#

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