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I have been on Tetracycline for about 4 weeks now and it does not seem to be doing much good for me. After being on Plexion Cleanser, Minocycline as well as trying everything over the counter (and nothing has worked) I am now trying Tetracycline. I would like to hear some views of how this has helped (or not) other people before I renew my prescription. Also I tried Differin and that dried my skin out to the point of braking it out, how has this helped other people (I have stopped the Differin for now). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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ummm minocycline worked the best for me. If you've taken minocycline, tetracycline probably won't be as affected(they're both in the same "CYCLINE" group). Personally antibiotics don't work well, you should try a topical cream. This is what i've used:


minocycline (worked for awhile, don't use for too long or it has reverse effects)

erythromycin (doesn't do anything)


benzamycin (really good, DO NOT OVER USE! can't stress that [email protected]@[email protected])

clindamycin (blows, it works for some ppl though)

erythromycin pads (okay, easy to use)

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I was on tetracycline a few years ago but unfortunately it did not help me at all, not even during the treatment. I am currently on accutane.

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Minocycline is a bit stronger than teracycline. Usually if the tera doesn't work then the doctor would move a person up to mino.

Also for me, I use the brand name of minocycline (Dynacin) which works even better in my opinion.

Also, I do believe that it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach and avoid any kind of dairy products for a few hours before and after you take the medication.

I personally use oral antibiotics as my first line of defense with the creams as the second line of defense. It works well for me.


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Guest Crooked I

If you're on tetracycline it'll take about 3 months before you see any improvement. Its worked for me but remember its not a cure so the spots will come back when you stop. My advice is to keep on it, and wait to see an improvement. 4 weeks isnt a long enough time.

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I started seeing results in about 4 weeks. Good results in about 8 weeks.

It never cleared my face completely, i would say maybe 80 - 85 percent.

It did clear my back and chest 100% though. I had severe acne and my back and just a little on my chest. Tetracycline cleared in up and it never came back, with the exception of an occasional pimple.

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I was prescribed with Dynacin. This drug is very helpful. I used to have pus filled acne all over my face and now very few of them. It does nothing for white heads and clogged pores but does get rid of the pus filled looking ones.

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