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can u use hair straighteners on tane?

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just wondering if any of you guys would know if it is ok to use hair straighteners while taking tane? or is that really not advised coz of the whole hair might fall out thing? would it be ok every now and then or is it not worht the risk? thanks

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hiya, well i still use mine and nothing shocking has happened ;) .. but it's really best not to as your hair will already be dry from accutane and heat styling it will damage it even further. Hrm mine wasn't in the best of condition to start with though so i just carried on haha..pretty dumb. Anyways, straightening now and again will be fine i reckon, just use a lot of conditioner and you'll be ok =]

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i'm still blowdrying and straightening my hair. but i make sure that i use a lot of conditioner while in the shower (paying extra attention to the ends of my hair) and i use something called biosilk silk therapy in my hair after i'm done with all of the styling (once again i pay extra attention to the tips of my hair). this helps my hair to not get too damaged. i think just like everything else moisturizing is the key...moisturize moisturize moisturize skin and hair and you'll be just fine... :cool:

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