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The affects acne has had on me.

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I've been floating around here for awhile now, and I've read other people's stories, so I figured it was time I just got it all out and told someone. I hate having it inside and not being able to let it out. So here goes.

I've had acne since about grade nine. I'm currently in my second year of college, and still have mild acne. Yeah it's only mild, but it still has a tremendous affect on me.

I know other people have it much worse than I do, so all I can say is that I know what your going through, and we can all get through it.

Anyways, Acne has pretty much made me depressed and even sometimes angry. Whenever I get that sudden flare up I look at myself in the mirror and become enraged. I can't stand this bullsh*t anymore.

I wash my face twice a day with the Acne treatment products. I eat healthier, and drink lots of water. I lower my milk intake. I start working out, what happens? Oh the Acne stays!! Weehee!!

One thing I'll say is that now, after many, many years, I'm finally starting to see it go away and clear up. There's still the occasional crap, but I think it might be dying down.

It really did get to the point were if my friends invited me to a party I would make an excuse because I wouldn't want to be seen with my face. TV became my friend, and I spent so much time watching it.

It has also become a problem with girls. You see, I have never had a girlfriend, becuase everytime I went to ask a girl out, I was shot down. So I blamed my face. Now it's at the point where I am convinced any girl I like willl automatically say no. So I don't even bother to speak (in a flrting way) to girls or even attempt to ask them out. Its useless.

Despite it dying done, I still feel the slight depression and anger that I've always felt. I bet I'll be feeling it still for years to come, espicially in the talking to girls area.

So, thats what I've gone through. It feels good to be able to open up and get it out. biggrin.gif/

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yeah i have the same problems usually....

I just hate the things that acne did to me, and even when (like it does with you) it is dying out, i still feel depressed by it sometimes.

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yeah i am in the same boat...

mine is really not that bad, they are just really huge... i have trouble looking at people in the face. I always tend the think they are looking strait at it and saying "WOW that is huge". Of corse they dont say it to my face, im not even sure they think that at all.

I tell myself acne is a common skin disorder and heaps of ppl get it. But this still doesnt work for my self esteam. On days which i am clear (or close to it) i am really happy and people can see how happy i am.

i get really depreassed when i wake up in the morning and see a new huge red zit on my chin... its the onjly place i can get acne...

but i have seen pictures of other peoples acne and mine is nothing compared to them. I just have to be clear to be happy

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Well, Bnp you never know if you dont try. I seen TONS of guys with terrible acne and they have the hottest girls. Sometimes you just gotta say F It, you know?

I dont have a problem looking at people in the face anymore, because I could less what someone thinks of me. I dont seek approval.

When I dont care, I notice that my day is clearer, and more entertaining.

I noticed though.. People have problems looking at ME in the eye.. WTF? Are they insecure about themselves, or are they scared to look at me?

Hmm. :-s

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Hey bnp, I know exactly how it feels. I'm 20 going to be 21 soon and I'm graduating from college in the spring. I haven't had a gf either and I blame my acne. I haven't even had girls flirt with me for the longest time and I think its because my face coincidently has gotten worse.

Hey, where do you live in ontario?

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I think the opposite sex has quite a bit to do with acne related depression. I have been trying to make an outline of all the things I feel due to this problem. The subject that comes up very high on the list, is lack of a significant other. I was married for six years, have two beautiful sons. After their mom and I broke up, I was definately LONELY and have been since. I know I do have the company of my little guys, but you know how it is when you go some place and there is that attractive young lady you just WISH you could talk to without being shot down.

Been there, done that.... like energizer, still going...


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