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CSR vs Paula Begoun's regimen

So I read Paula's book-the Beauty Bible. In it she lists lots of different options for different types of skin, for example, oily and acne-prone, dry and acne prone, excema, oily on top but dry underneath, etc, etc.

So I started following her oily break-out-prone regimen which is quite similar to the CSR but uses different products. She says to use a BHA (salicylic acid) product as an exfoliant where Dan uses AHA in a moisturizer. Also-Paula says DO NOT USE A MOISTURIZER IF YOU HAVE OILY SKIN. EVER (except maybe under the eyes). That it will give you more problems in the long run.

I tried Dan's CSR months ago but stopped because my skin seemed too sensitive to it. Now I am trying Paula's regimen and it seems to be working great.

Any thoughts on the moisturizing issue? Anyone do Dan's without the moisturizer?

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I've not read Paula's books, but I know she knows alot about skin and products.

As for moisturizing, I can give you my experience. I have super oily skin, and I mean SUPER oily. And I've found that if I use benzoyl peroxide in a generous manner like Dan describes, and if I don't use moisturizer, my skin gets dehydrated and I get those superficial wrinkly things especially around my eyes and forehead. My skin just looks awful. Using a good oil-free moisturizer plumps my skin back up and helps it look and feel better. I also think (and this is my opinion from my own observations) that having dehydrated skin underneath and oily on top just lends itself to worse acne, ime.

I have tried SA products in the past, and they just tend to make my face red and super tight and dry, and don't really help the acne situation. For some reason my skin, even though it is oily, likes glycolic and/or lactic acid much better than salicylic acid. Maybe my skin is weird, lol, but this has been my experience.

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Thanks for the info! I do use sunscreen, so I use that as my "moisturizer" I guess, without using and "actual" moisturizer. I mean, the delivery fluid of the sunscreen moisturizes at leats a little even though it's not considered an actual moisturizer. I know what you mean about the fine lines though...they suck! And it sucks to damn well have to worry about wrinkles and acne together

Lately I have been gettign comments that I'm "so tanned". I really just think it's the redness form the BP initially! It just makes me look more tanned than red because I still have a tan formt he summer... Did you get the same thing? Tanned-looking at first? Or red?

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