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When To Apply BP?

How long does BP last on your skin daily 12 hours, 6 hours? I just don't know

I wake up in the morning and apply it at 8 o clock, Then I do the same at night just before I go to bed which sometimes varies.

Does this contrubuites to the regime in any way?


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I think that's the way everyone does it.

I do it exactly as you do, I do the regimen when I wake up, and before I go to bed.

And i'm clear of active acne, just redmarks left.

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Doing the regimen when you wake up and before you go to bed is a good guideline, but if you don't sleep very much or keep irregular waking hours, you might need to plan to do the regimen at different points in your day. One application every 12 hours is the goal for most users. Often for me, as a student with morning classes this means doing the regimen at 7 am and again right after dinner before I go out or something--long before bed, in any case. Of course many times circumstances prevent me from doing the regimen every 12 hours, in which case I just do it as soon as I can and plan to do the next one 10-14 hours later. In order not to go through BP so quickly I tend to err on the side of not doing the regimen as often as I need to, rather than to have BP on my face for only 6 or 7 hours before redoing the whole thing.

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