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ok im sorry guys this is very off topic but i have a question and i like this board so much.

ive had my braces of for 5 years now and im getting my wisdom teeth removed in 2 days. i havnt worn a plate in at least 2 years maybe 3 but that was because my orthodontist told me i dont need it anymore.

because my wisdm teeth started to come through my front on my right side were starting to get pushed forward a little bit. its hardly noticeable but i can def feel the asymmetry of my top teeth, and when i asked my dentist he too said that the have slightly moved. my question is will they go back into place once my wisdom teeth are removed or will it take more than that e.g getting another plate made or something (i dont have my old one anymore) i did ask the dentist and he said they would go bakc into place after wisdom teeth are gone but it they way he answered sounded alot like he just wanted to brush of the question with a quick answer almost like he didnt evan pay attention to what i said.

again sorry for the topic

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does plate mean retainer?

i'm not sure if the teeth will move back, sounds to me like they probably won't on their own i have a friend who didn't wear his retainer and his wisdom teeth made his teeth move, now he has braces again.

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yea sorry retainer. why didnt your freind get his wisdom teeth removed, or did he just leave it too long.

he just left them too long.

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