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"I would be happy IF ONLY I didn't have acne"

What a shallow thing to say!!!!!

Yet, it describes me. Rewind sayyy five months ago... I was a complete wreck. Acne took over my life... it's terrible... it effected my

1) school

a. felt anxious because of the way I looked

b. shyer because I didn't want to stand out and have people notice my acne

c. absolutely hated having to talk to anyone

2) work

a. people pointed out my skin

3) personal

a. didn't want to go out in public

1. couldn't go to grab a frozen yogurt w/o feeling self conscious

b. didn't even want family to see me

c. took me FOREVER to get ready (esp. skin prep, makeup wise)

d. felt alone because nobody understood (haha- minus everyone here I suppose)

my grades suffered, I quit my job, I didn't date, etc.... not all are 100% to the acne but probably a good 60% - 80% though.... call me weak, call me self conscious, call me worrysome, but that is how I felt. and my skin has finally improved (it was a long road, but thank you Accutane) and I can tell you now that I feel a hundred times happier not having to worry about all of these small things. they really add up and take a toll on somebody...

I guess I just wanted to get my feelings out and share...and say that you shouldn't feel silly if you feel like I did, but you shouldn't let it comsume your life like I did (although I don't know how many really let it get to them as much as I did...sometimes it seems like people can handle it ok, others seem like me) but I know it's easier said than done though. just know that it DOES and it WILL get better :) ha, well, I had a hard time admitting to myself that it consumed my life so much....but it did...... maybe I will get some closure after openly talking about it!

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