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Which Medicine is best for me?

Ok here is a Despription of me to make you judge better: I am 13, Farmer, I am on MinoCyline and Benzoyl, and another medicine. I have small little bumps. Most of my bumps seem more like marks instead of bumpy things. I have a couple (4-5) of them red red looking big bumps. I have had acne for about a year or 6 months.

Which one:

1. ProActive

2. Accutane

3. Stay on Minocyline and Benzoyl

4. Get a better Benzoyl?

5. Have any advice or other medicine?

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ProActive's OK, but it would be better if it used a salicylic acid toner rather than a glycolic acid toner because salicylic acid, unlike glycolic acid and other alpha hydroxy acids, is lipid soluble and can exfoliate within the pore.

If your doctor prescribes Accutane and you're comfortable with the possible side effects that he should explain to you, go for it. Accutane is usually only prescribed for severe acne or for acne that is not responsive to other treatments.

Bacteria can become immune to antibiotics, so I strongly suggest seeking other treatments.

I doubt benzoyl peroxide by itself will do much, and I'm not sure what you mean by finding a "better" benzoyl peroxide product.

Read this article about treating acne:


If you want to find drugstore options for one of the regimens mentioned at the end of the article, let me know.

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