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pimple popping experiment

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okay, i've been looking around on this messageboard for a few weeks now. i started looking up information on acne after my acne flared up again after a few weeks at college(freshman.) so anyway, i've gone on dan's regimen and my skin has definetly improved but isn't perfect. however, because i still have pimples(whiteheads, not cysts), and i have never really came accross concrete evidence supporting or discouraging popping pimples, i decided to do a little experiment.

hypothesis: popping pimples(whiteheads), when puss is close to surface of skin, will result in faster healing and less inflamation.

rationale: lucky me, 3 pimples on the right side of my face formed at the same time, all roughly the same size and appeared to be my usual pimple, starting as a red spot developing into a whitehead(which i almost always pop)

procedure: pop 2 pimples and leave 1 alone

data: day 1- once any sign of white puss was visable from the surface, i cleaned the area and squeeze 2 of the pimples until the puss was gone and blood/clear fluid came out. initally the two popped pimples looked much worse, the redness that was once confined to just the pimple almost doubled in size.

day2- the popped pimples look about the same from a distance(5 feet from mirror) but upclose the unpopped pimple has a beuitiful white head, whereas the popped pimples are the same size but all red. The popped pimples have also already flattened out, and appear to be healing, whereas the unpopped pimple is still protruding from the skin.

day3- the popped pimples are less red, and appear to be getting better. the unpopped pimples white head is huge and disgusting looking from upclose, however from a distance all the pimples appear the same.

day4-the whitehead is finally reducing in size. the popped pimples are still continuing to heal, but are still quite noticably redder than the rest of my skin.

day5-almost no white is noticable in the unpopped pimple, and it more or less resemebles the previously popped pimples, but still protrudes from the skin slightly.

day6-by now the popped pimples look much better and teh skin is perfectly smooth, but it is still noticable that i had a pimples there. the unpopped pimple is now only a small red spot, slightly more noticable from a distance than the popped pimples.

day7- by now i'de say the popped and unpopped pimples look more or less exactly the same, with that all too familiar spot that will slowly vanish over the next month or so. by now teh unpopped pimple is also smooth, no longer a little bump.

conclusion: in the end it doesnt really matter what you do. dont pop a pimple before going out at night hoping it will make it look better, because it wont. if you do want the pimple to look better in a day or two, then pop it. it has only been a week so i will continue to post about the healing process of the red marks but i have a feeling they will fade at the same pace since they are identical right now, but who knows. also i should probally note that there are lots of factors that play into the healing process of popped/unpopped pimples and that it really isnt safe to draw conclusions, haha, but at the same time, this is what happend w/me.

okay, enough typing, back to madden

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Okay, its been a while since those pimples were there... right now they are hardly noticable little off-colored skin spots, i wouldn't say they are red really. So pretty much i guess it doesn't really matter whether you pop or not in terms of healing after a week or two, at least not for whiteheads like i have. I would also like to say that since then i really havn't had many zits. I started using purpose dual action moisturizer w/spf, applying that first and then applying the 2.5% bp in very small amounts(just enough that i know its on my skin, i don't use large amounts and just rub for like 2 minutes like Dan says too, i think thats pointless and just excessively dries the skin, i can do my whole face w/what is probally half a finger's lengh of bp(its hard to judge since i only apply a pea sized amount at one time). I then use SA clearisil wipes (the pads that come in the cylander container are too rough) but only at night every other night) This helps with exfloliation since dan's regimen doesnt do anything for exfoliating if your not using the AHA moisturizer, and i'm even skeptical about how well that works. I'll also gently rub my thumbnail against my cheeks w/soap on them to loosen the "plugs" i get that stick out of my skin. since i've been doing this i havent had any whitehead acne, only a few mild red spots that go away after a day or two and are hardly noticable. I suggest you people that are using dan's regimen but w/o the AHA moisturizer to use salicilic acid every couple days to help with exfoliation, its done wonders for me. TABAZKKO HOO YOU KNOW YOU KNOW

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thx for doing this poping experiment, it is interesting to know because it may help people decide whether to pop or not.

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Usually when you don't pop the pimple there is less likely to be a scar there then if you did. Also if you do pop a pimple sometimes the reddness last longer then if you didn't. I have popped pimples before because they look so disgusting up close and if I didn't then I know the next day they will just get worse but in time they get better and no scar. This might be different for other people but for me not popping pimple also helps me to not touch my face so much to make others worse.

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usually when I pop a pimple it goes away quick but comes back eventually where as the ones that I didnt pop go away slowly and have a less chance of coming back

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