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tazorac + accutane

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I'm pretty sure tazorac kicks ass while on accutane... I was on tazorac for about a year before accutane, and when i started my therapy with accutane I stopped it. My initial beeakout was horrrrrible, and none of my acne seemed to heal for the 25 days i been on it. 3 days ago i read some posts about taz + accutane, and how it was alright to do unless your skin is dry. My skin is not dry, so I went back to putting the taz on a 6 % triaz pad at night, and in 3 days my IB is almost clear. All the acne that I had that wouldnt go away is fading REALLY quickly, like by next wednesday my face could be perfect ( if it is still healing at the same rate)...

I only had a whitehead breakout tho, and I've also head that taz is really good at killing whiteheads...

Anyway, I just thought I'd share... I dont know if its that the accutane is finally kicking in or what but my face looks 100 % better than 3 days ago

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:dance: sounds good! My derm told me not to use topicals so i don't but i might start again if i break out badly.

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thanks a lot yeah, the accutane is working well. actually the retn A and ABs before i started accutane were too just not well enough. my acne was pretty cystic before i started getting it treated by a derm.

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