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have no idea if i spelt that right but i do not care!i am in such a foul mood today :( its not just about spots but i can only rant about those here!i am so pissed off! i have nearly reached 8 weeks of doing this csr and have just had a few days with no new spots then bam this morning the three spots i have been waiting to die a dignified death after two weeks have mutated again into painful double and triple spots plus two new spots on my neary clear side (aside from a million red marks!) :(

its so unfair,i used to think people moaned a lot and high expectations on here but now i get these feelings!on the whole i still get new spots,have loads of red marks and red flakey skin and am begining to notice the phenonamen of having of spots appearing in areas i dont get spots!

Am so pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil::evil::evil::evil:

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Let's review everything you are doing and everything you are using.

ok its this morning and night:

simple face wash

1/2 finger of csr bp (only jaw area)

eucerin 5 %

i am mega gentle,wait the alloted time,use joppa minerals make up,rarely pick!i can almost see improvement but then a spot just pushes through in the same place as one that was dying-its so frustrating!

*modified by Dami4n to finish quote in right place*

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While many people do like Simple wash, others feel it is too drying. Do you think it might be too harsh?

Have you tried upping the BP amount and see if that can get you clearer?

Your moisturizer is good, that one is liked by most people who use it.

My only other thought is the Mineral makeup. Mineral makeup breaks me out.

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i thought mineral make up was good for your skin?!i have 5 make up brands at the mo and cant afford more!

i could try a different cleanser-what do you recomend for the uk?there ius too much trial and error!how can i tell what breaks me out when i am still breaking out anyway?if i change i may get clearer just cus its been longer on the regimen!bleugh this is too much for my brain!(and wallet!) :doh:

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