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some thoughts, no answers

just have a few questions that keep coming in my head but i keep coming up with no answers for them. why is it that America is hated? why is it that im hated? why is it that people hate on other people for no reason? why is it that i hate my life? why is it that i cant get a girl? why is it so fucking hard just to walk up to a girl and talk to her? why is it so hard to talk to people i dont know? is it cause im afaird they'll hate me as much as i hate myself? is it that i rather not risk rejection? or have an akward situation with someone? do i reject myself before others can reject me? why do i obsess over stupid shit? why cant i just let things be? why is it that i feel this way? i try to change myself but i cant stop being who i am. i get pissed off for no reason. sometimes i just want to beat someones ass for no reason. just flip out on someone for no reason. FUCK. the only thing that gets me through the day is hoping one day ill have the answer to these questions. my mind wont have peace till i do. but maybe ill never know. maybe if i do know ill be worst off then when i didnt. maybe ill be better. the more i think, the more i feel im going crazy. maybe these questions cant be solved with simple words. maybe they need actions and emotions to be answered and felt. i can say be happy all day to myself, but if thats not the way i feel it means nothing. shit ima do something different with my life, something people wouldnt think i would do, I have too. shit is stale, i dont know quite yet what, but when i do it ill tell yall. peace

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