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Regimen for 2 months, still see pimples forming!!!

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I've been on it for 2 months, day and night. Shouldn't it have all cleared up by now?

There is this place on my forehead where zits always form. It's this little area (2 inches diameter maybe), that I always get those disgusting and big zits.

And also, I have always had mild acne in my teenage years (I'm 20 now), but it didn't break out this bad until I turned 20. Does that mean I will keep getting acne until I'm into my 30's? Is this hormonal? Is this what people refer to as adult acne?

Damn, when I see my face in the mirror, I just want to rip if off... ](*,)

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im 21 and i still got acne.

i dunno what to try. i dont try 'cures' because i think they'll work, i just do it so i feel like im doing something.

this regimen is the best ive found for the cost. the reality is you cant do anything about acne. you just gotta learn to live with it. people with one arm or horrific burns have to get on with their lives. so do we.

its not easy but good luck.


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I'm 56 and I still have (had) acne, mine was adult acne. Gave up my derm when I found this site and here is what I do to stay clear (really clear!!!)


A dollop of Neutrogena salicylic wash with drop of water

rub on face let sit for a couple minutes, rinse

A dollop of Walgreens alpha hydroxy loition applied as above


Euerin Renewal


Neutro sal acid as in morn

bp,bp and more bp

Eucerin Renewal

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