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Guest ~Wolfy~

Can any one tell me anything about BLU-U light treatment, maybe personal experience or just something you heard?

Looking at their website it seems to be a blue light only treatment.

Most people are likely to do better with a full-face style home use blue/red treatment. I haven't checked the price of BLU-U, but home use equipment is likely to be cheaper too.

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Also im not sure what it is but my Derm talked about before they use the laser they put something on my face (some cream i think) any info on that?

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ive had eight treatments done of the blu u acne therapy. it didnt work for me. you just sit on a recliner with this device in front of your face, and its supposed to feel a little warm, i didnt feel much of anything though. i had it done without the "cream" your talking about, the name of that cream your talking about is levulan i think.

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I had Levulan with blu-u treatment twice. I was told by the doc that 2-3 treatments would work great (I have whiteheads and cysts on my chin ONLY). I had my wedding in 2+ months and was looking for a quick fix. Plus, at 25, I have had basal cell carcinoma skin cancer on my forehead. Supposedly blu-u helps knock out precancerous cells.

The first treatment worked so great! They cover your face in acetone---stinky and terrribly drying. Next they paint your face with levulan. There is supposed to be a stick that they pop and than dab the liquid on with the stick. My nurse used a brush. I sat for an hour reading a magazine and itching away poking at my itchy spots with a nurse provided q-tip. While I was sitting in the room alone, I found a levulan brochure that said the manufacturing company recommends that the levulan be applied the DAY BEFORE. Hmmmm.

After the hour was up I sat with the blu-u light on my face for up to 15 min. I made it to 11 minutes until the heat/burning sensation became unbearable. Then they stop, cover your head with a towel and tell you to go home (someone has to drive you, your face is SO sensitive to light you must stay covered and behind a blackout curtain even in your own home for the next 48 hours.) $350 for the first treatment.

After the redness, peeling, hot feeling (use an evian water mister, it cools and helps since it is just water), I cleared and looked great for the next month. Even my skintone (I have freckles) improved. I glowed!

The treatments are monthly, so I took my clear great looking skin in for my second treatment. I shouldnt have. After the second treatment I broke out and looked like hell for the rest of the month and for my wedding day. I'm stupid, I know.... and another $350 out the window. So no, I have not gone back. Not to mention 48 hours is a life disruption when you have to hide behind a blackout curtain like a vampire.

Now my menu is...

AM Neutrogena oil free acne cleanser

Clindamycin (generic)

Purpose redness reducing moisturizer SPF 30

Tasty little Minocycline Pill

PM Purpose gentle face wash


Retin A gel form


All I can say is that I have not had a huge cyst like before on this regimen. The cysts would be 3-4 at a time and painful. Still breaking out though.....

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