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Concealer, fundation help for guy


Thanks to CSR I managed to clear acne. Now I have only red marks left (some single acne from time t otime), and untill they are gone I'd like to cover them somehow.

I know this question was asked many, many, many times, but it's really hard to find any concretes here in make up section. I know exactly nothing about make up. I want something (probably that will be concealer that will most suit my needs) to cover red marks and not to be noticable itself.

Girls anwsering this : please be specific, I know you know a lot in this topic but have mercy, just suggest one thing that you suppose will work well for me

Guys anwsering this : just tell me what you use if you do use any make up thing

Thank you in priori.

Oh, and I still use CSR(including moisturizer in the morning) and have quite oily skin if that matters.

And also a little tutorial on how to use the thing you suggest will be appreciated.

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Okay I will try & make this simple...

1. If you just want to cover individual spots & not your whole face, I say get a concealer stick. i thinkthis would be the best choice for a guy, cuz your whole face will not be covered in makeup.

Any drugstore will carry these. They look like lipsticks but are skin colored. Read the back & make sure it is oil free & non-comedogenic. Pick the color closet to your skin tone. Applying it is easy; just dab on a spot & gently blend into surrounding skin with finger or a makeup sponge. Make-up sponges are carried at any drugstore too. Use them once, then toss, cuz they can spread bacteria.

2. To cover your whole face

A. Some guys here seem to like mineral makeup (I'm a girl, but I like it too). You'll probably have to order this online. You'll need a powder / kabuki brush with it, which are sold at every mineral makeup site. You can just dust it on gently in layers. It's pretty easy. I like Everyday Minerals. Their most natural finish seems to be the semi-matte or intense (for more coverage). You can order samples first too.

B. Or you can go with a regular liquid foundation. I would apply that with a makeup sponge as well (it makes it more even). Just pour a bit onto sponge & gently swipe sponge over your face. Layer it for coverage. Again, make sure it is non-comedogenic, oil free, & preferably fragrance free. Read the back labels. I like Loreal's True Match or Ideal Balance for a drugstore brand. I dont remember their ingredients though. Their colors seemed pretty natural to me.

A lot of this is just personal preference & that's why there is so many choices out there....everyone likes different things!

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Another option is to look for a trendy makeup counter that has a guy working there (MAC comes to mind). Chances are he is wearing their products. Granted, he may be wearing full face, lip and eye makeup but you might find him helpful even for covering up. Just tell him you don't normally wear makeup but want to conceal the scars and red marks.

Just a thought.


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Revlon ColorStay Heal&Conceal Blemish Concleaer<33

Put it on top of tinted moustizer. I hate foundation.

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